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Anyone Can Do Radio Advertising

Get exceptional value when radio stations compete for your business each week.

  • Competition Creates Best Pricing

    Every Thursday, thousands of stations compete for our advertisers' business. The heat of competition leads to incredibly low rates for prime radio airtime.

  • Free Campaign Management

    Our Campaign Strategists can help you choose just the right stations to compete for your business and optimize your campaign each week for best results!

  • No Radio Experience Necessary

    Save an average of 40% to as much as 90% off direct rates through our weekly auctions. You don’t need to know how to negotiate the best deals; the Bid4Spots platform does it for you!

  • Flexibility

    You decide how often to advertise with no long-term contracts. Feel free to change your campaign criteria based on your advertising needs throughout the year.

  • Set Your Target Criteria

    Our platform allows you to choose which stations will compete based on the markets, formats, and dayparts you select.

  • Radio Stations Bid

    Each Thursday, the stations that you have selected from our pool of over 3,200 will compete in a live, online auction.

  • Your Spots Air

    Stations that win your business will run your commercials the following week during the days and times you selected.

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Additional Services

Let us connect you with cost-effective, best-in-class services.

  • Commercial Creation

    Bid4Spots is pleased to offer the services of professional producers who will create an effective radio commercial based on a "one-on-one" interview they conduct with you to make sure the messaging is on target.

  • Call Centers

    We can connect you with a professional call center to give your company 24/7 phone answering capabilities. Use them to answer after-hours and overflow calls or all incoming calls so that you don't miss a single lead!

  • 800 Numbers

    Having an easy-to-remember phone number can help maximize your campaign's response rates. We can refer you to an affordable service that enables you to "lease" toll-free phone numbers for use in your radio commercial.

  • Direct Buys

    In some cases, advertisers wish to purchase airtime on specific stations. For these, we have separate divisions that can negotiate on your behalf. You can also buy airtime on digital audio formats such as Pandora, iHeart Radio, and others.

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